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Technorati Claim Post

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Yay Links

But don’t expect more.  I’m tired now.  I’m spent.
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So yeah, great…another BLOG to NOT update

So … I really hate setting up blogs for every little service I use.  When it comes to a personal journal, who to choose?  Blogger?  That blog I don’t use anymore on blog-city?  MSN spaces?  Myspace?  Personal webpage?  My Flickr moblog?  This is pretty much getting out of control:
-apatheTic blog (blogger)-  http://jeffdiogenes.blogspot.com/
-wiki, forum hosting for friends – www.tic.name
-rss feed of rss feeds i "clip" (things i thought were cool and wanted to sal with someone later) – http://services.newsgator.com/ngws/svc/ClippingsRSS.aspx?uid=136010 (yes, an rss feed of an rss feed)
and to top that off and confuse you more I have google domains for mail on my tic.name http://mail.google.com/a/tic.name/
I need a blog to blog my blogs.  Bloggin retarded. 
Oh, plus all this makes me hate saying the word blog now.
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